The one thing that you most need in your survival kit

tactical-compound-bow-package-by-apollo-tactical-fl-usa-cnc-milled-aluminum-19-30-draw-25lb-70lb-draw-weight-320-fps-ibo-purple-version-0-4A tactical bow is one damn weapon that you need the most when you in the toughest of survival sports. The bow is made from the finest grade T6 aluminum which is incidentally the same grade used in the manufacturing of airplanes. The upper surface is made ready before giving it a non reflective and anti glare surface. Even the paint sticks better.

The limbs of the bow are manufactured in the state of the art machinery and using the same precision and materials that are used to manufacture high quality competitive archery products. Cutting edge technology is used in molding the limbs and high precision water jets are used for cutting through the metal. Every bow is hand produced and assembled manually by expert engineers who also test and try before the product is finally ready to be shipped. We are proud recipients of various awards and honors bestowed on us by the military and the state government. But we feel most honored when the people who use them give us their heartfelt and positive feedback. Nothing can match that feeling for us!

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